Easter eggs are fun! Especially in our favorite series! This is from Raiders of the Lost Ark




I Don’t Remember It Like This!

Hey, Mr. Ow…..Yoda…..what?

And In Other News….

So a friend of mine went to Dragon Con and was actually a really good friend. I gave him my copy of  The Complete Vader which he got signed by David Prowse. It has made me so happy I thought I would share it with you all.


In other news, Geek tyrant has uncovered these lightsaber freeze pops! You can buy them in November at thinkgeek.com. They started out as an April Fool’s joke and light up with real LEDs.

Well this looks like Disney!

Artist Patrick Schoenmaker has created some seriously amazing fanart regarding Star Wars! In all honesty this man has a career waiting for him at Disney. See a majority of his work here. It also links to his deviantart account.

Lady Ravanna

Make a Wish Foundation and STAR WARS!

The 501st Legion and Dented helmet have come together to auction off some rather unusual Fett helmets. This auction started Aug. 23rd and will go until Sept. 1st and proceeds go to the Make a Wish foundation. See it here.

What Really Happened

Hi guys! Sorry it seems like I’ve abandoned you. College finals. But I have something for you tonight!

Score one for the Rebels.


You Must Use the Force!

This is one of my favorite videos. I get these songs stuck in my head all the time. We know John Williams is a wonderful composer. But the person who wrote these lyrics is a true fan!