More Star Wars Fan Creations

Alright, so there’s three things I have for you guys! All of them were e-mailed to me and I just got them so I’ll just put them all in one go. The first one is some retro posters from Saul Bass. He’s the guy responsible for the AT&T logo and people still use elements of his work. Here’s your article, and the link to buy them for $26. Fair price, I’d say, for something that no one else really has.

Saul Bass is a graphic designer responsible for some of the most iconic images and logos in the history of entertainment. From the AT&T globe to the title sequence from Tom Hanks’ “Big,” you can see his influences everywhere. United Way, Dixie, General Mills, and Continental Airlines all have his particular style attributed to their logos.

For the full article, go here.

The next is a six minute fan-made video about the Jawas, C3PO, and R2D2 hijacking an experimental Mon Calamari ship and taking it for a joy-ride. It’s cute. I can’t embed it, but I can give you the link.

Check out full article here.

And the last is a six picture gallery of famous pictures being parodied using Star Wars action figures. My favorite is the first one, the Abby Road cover from The Beatles. The photographer, David Eger, also has a collection entitled “360 Days of Clones.”

To check out the article, go here.



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