Splatter Art Series

Check out this cool splatter art series by Arian Noveir.

They are available for purchase here.

Fan Art: Star Wars Last Supper Photomosaic

Photomosaicn. – a large-scale detailed picture made up of many photographs

Star Wars photomosaics are nothing new.  We’ve seen Yoda and Darth being put into such, and I’m sure there are others out there, which I haven’t even taken the time to search for because, basically, there’s just so much Star Wars stuff there that I just don’t have all the time in my life to dedicate to.  But so far, this photomosaic takes the cake.  Because not only is it a rendition of the famed Last Supper, it’s all Star Wars characters!

70448 Star Wars images were used to create this piece, including images from the prequels.

Major kudos have to go to Avinash Arora for creating such an epic masterpiece from an epic masterpiece.  You can go to the site and download a very high and unjustifiably high resolution jpeg, tif, and psb of it.  It’s even available as a torrent download.